Corporate Warranties India Pvt. Ltd. is the largest provider of warranty solutions in India. Solutions that comprise of Customer Care Management , Warranty and Business Outsourcing Services. Our services are offered at competitive rates and are in use by leading Automobile, Consumer Durables and Business & IT solution providers.

Founded in 1998, Corporate Warranties India Pvt. Ltd., has emerged to be the first stop for any manufacturer aiming to offer additional services to customers. To be in a position to really understand the need for complete warranty solutions, we have 15 years local experience in this field and our nationwide presence makes us the first choice amongst the leading manufacturers. Our company has grown strategically , to become India's largest provider of comprehensive warranty solutions. We service all sectors of automobile, consumer durables and electronics industry, from small dealerships to major manufacturers.

We are an organization committed to its core value of offering the best quality services and an ISO 9001:2000 certification highlights this fact. Our strength which is our local experience & committed workforce, located in all major cities ensures we always come up with innovative and beneficial programs for different manufacturers and industries.

We look forward to working with you.